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Natural Wooden Shutters

Our Blinds Are Made To Measure Within 7 Days


Our range is available in a gorgeous array of colours and can be made to fit virtually any size window or door, in any type of property. From vintage charm to contemporary minimalism, shutters bring an instant shot of laid back style into your home. The range is available in five different wood types, a choice of five shutter styles and 117 painted and stained finishes and colours. Pick from a palette that includes different shades of white, creamy neutrals, warm chocolates and soft greys. Or you can choose to have your shutters painted to match your colour scheme by opting for one of thousands of custom colours.

Each shutter is bespoke and made-to-measure which means they provide the ideal solution for awkward or unusual shaped windows as it can be made to perfectly fit almost any form, from arched to hexagonal or circular to triangular and more or less anything in between.

And Vienna, our waterproof range is of course perfect for bathrooms and wet rooms.

Reasons for choosing our Shutters

Consider the design of the window. Shutter panels should reflect the glazing so if you have three panes, the shutters will look more balanced if it also has three panels.

Cleveland shutters are manufactured using a range of composite materials including MDF panels with ABS louvres and MDF frames to produce an outstanding, reliable and tough shutter suitable for pretty much any application. Panels are produced to the highest standards using mortise and tenon joints to ensure prolonged quality and durability, and engineered laminated stiles to prevent warping. Available in a fantastic choice of 18 painted colours from cool sophisticated whites and creamy shades to grey and black. Truly something for everyone.

Classic shutters are for those who love the look of shutters but are working to a budget. Made from MDF, an engineered wood product, these shutters are strong, and straight, giving a uniform look that is smooth and neat when painted. Made to our exacting standards, they are simple yet attractive and available in five shades of white and neutral tones.

Marchwood shutters are made from hardwood panels and MDF frames, our Marchwood range is a great all-rounder and offers super value for money. They’re suitable for most rooms in the house and are available in five gorgeous painted finishes.

Grovewood shutters is our most comprehensive and popular range. Made from premium quality hardwood, that shows the grain when stained yet gives a smooth finish when painted, it offers a wide range of colour options – a total of 37 stained and painted finishes.

Vienna shutters are water-proof and manufactured to be incredibly tough and durable. The panels and frames are produced using Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) which is the same material used to make crash helmets and kettles. Impervious to water, resistant to heat and tougher than PVC, our Vienna range is ideal for bathrooms.

Phoenix shutters are a very lightweight bleached out hardwood with a lovely distinctive grain that stands out even when painted. Phoenix is available in a gorgeous range of stained finishes as well as the popular painted colours.

Shutter Styles

Full Height

As the name suggests, these are single full height panels that cover the whole window. It’s a simple yet elegant style that works on any window but gives a real wow factor and dramatic finish to patio doors or tall windows. If you have a divider rail giving support to the panels, it also allows you to operate the louvres above and below it independently.

Tier on tier

This is perhaps the most versatile option as you have two sets of shutters, one on top of the other, each operating independently of each other. This means you can have the top open to make the most of a pretty view, and the bottom closed for privacy or of course vice versa. This style of shutter works particularly well in bedrooms giving privacy.

Cafe style

This is a stylish and cost effective solution as you’re only putting shutters partway up the height of the windows. This creates privacy at the lower level and allows plenty of light to flood through the top of the window creating a lovely continental feel that looks great in kitchens and living areas.


Create a stunning room divider or cover large windows and doors with a folding tracked option. This works well when you want to pull the shutters back to enjoy a pretty view or get easy access through a patio door.


Traditional, solid wood panels that are particularly suited to period properties with draughty windows as they give great insulation and privacy.

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