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Conservatory tinting

Our Blinds Are Made To Measure Within 7 Days

Conservatory Tinting

Your conservatory is a very effective heat trap. As the sunlight passes through the windows and especially the roof, the temperature inside can increase very quickly. This can make one of the favourite rooms to relax in, uncomfortably hot.

Bourne Blinds can also supply a range of high or low reflective and non-reflective films that are suited to the domestic environment. These films will improve the performance of your windows by virtually eliminating harmful ultra violet light, reducing solar heat gain and the amount of daylight exposure: the main causes of fading.

A conservatory is a popular and useful extension to any home, so why not make the most of this great asset all year round? Window film can provide a simple means to keep this space cooler, more comfortable and also more private.

How does it work?

The film is applied to the internal surface and is made from a high-performance metallised PVC coating that is designed to reflect the heat from the sun whilst still allowing some daylight to pass through. This provides an inexpensive and extremely effective solution to interior heat gain.

Polycarbonate film works by reflecting the 70% of the sun’s solar energy away from the surface before it can be transmitted to the room’s interior. Internal daytime temperatures are dramatically reduced and the film will also help to reduce fading. Film installed in conservatories can quickly pay for itself based on these benefits alone.

Reasons for choosing our Tinting Films

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